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In response to my post “Did Alaxender really give defeat to Porus??“, Agniveer admin responded with a wonderful message. I am posting  that response, as well as other responses in this blog post.

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The history of India has been written by its enemies. If you read Greek history, you will not find such fantasy stories they we love to discuss about failures like Alexandar or criminals like Babur and Akbar.
I sometimes feel that poets and artists create history. Those events become history which get popularly depicted in a poetic/ romantic fashion regardless of they being true or false. For example consider the following hoaxes:
a. Alexandar defeated Porus
b. Alexander was great
c. Akbar was great
d. Taj Mahal was built by Shah Jahan
e. Jehangir had famous love stories with Anarkali and Noor Jehan
f. Babur was noble Muslim
g. Sher Shah Suri was great builder
h. Mohandas Gandhi brought us freedom
i. Sita was exiled by Ram
j. Shabuk was killed by Ram
k. Krishna had 16000 wives
l. Krishna had affairs with some lady called Radha
m. Islam was spread by peace
n. Akbar was fond of Hindus
o. Muslim rulers were great architects
p. Red Fort was built by Shah Jahan
q. Fatahpur Sikri was built by Akbar
r. Rahul Gandhi took degree from Harvard
s. Arya was a race that invaded India from West Asia
t. Aryans were originally looters and rapists
u. Dravid is name of native inhabitants of India
v. There has been a single Muslim ruler who was true to Islam or was compassionate to Hindus or any less than Osama in brutality
w. Aryans were beef eaters
x. Aryans used to denigrate women
y. Krishna was a lecherous person
z. Vedas are creations of shepherds
2:44 PM
October 6, 2010
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These people has used such a brain to brainwash every hindu from his birth….

We hindus from birth see cartoons which shows non veg tasty than veg……

We see that we were ruled by great mughals for 1000’s of years..

We Study wrong in our history books…

This is called intellectual Terrorism by western countries…


11:22 PM
October 6, 2010
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Things would change now. Its time to get to action brother! And shape the next 100 years as per our own Will guided by truth.
10:35 PM
October 7, 2010
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Well said brother…….

Together we all can bring a change!!Cry



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