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धर्म की परिभाषा

दर्शन योग महाविद्यालय के आचार्य ज्ञानेश्वर जी आर्य द्वारा धर्म की परिभाषा  – भाग १ और २ . Advertisements

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Buddhism and Vedas

v\:* { BEHAVIOR: url (#default#vml) }  Source: Buddhism is often considered to be an anti-Vedic atheist philosophy. While today there are huge number of schools and sects within Buddhism (exceeded perhaps only by Islam in terms of number of … Continue reading

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Response of Agniveer Admin and Others

In response to my post “Did Alaxender really give defeat to Porus??“, Agniveer admin responded with a wonderful message. I am posting  that response, as well as other responses in this blog post. Agniveer Admin posts 8 Print this Post … Continue reading

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Did Alaxender really give defeat to Porus??

Alexander is recognised as first invader in Bharatvarsha. According to the history which is being tought to us, he defeated several Kings of India, then met Porus (Indian name – Paurav or Parvateshvara) in tough war but defeated him. He … Continue reading

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Sikh Gurus and Vedas

v\:* { BEHAVIOR: url (#default#vml) } Source: Sikhism represents a tradition that every Indian is proud of. The Sikh Gurus have inspired us in an era that was perhaps the most challenging phase of our history. One cannot forget … Continue reading

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